My brand new Youtube channel(Youtubeチャンネルの登場!)

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Here we are ! I laucnh today my Youtube channel and my first video !
ようやく出来た!私の Youtubeチャンネルと初動画が登場を発表します!

Since I have been denied to the Fukuoka Goodwill Ambassadors , I do not have to think to block my weekends for the followinf two years and as I bought a new camera, it was the perfect timing to launch this new activity. I present you ...
Click on the picture to go to the channel. 画像をクリックするとチャンネルに行ける。

On this channel, I will do the same thing I am doing here : Fukuoka promotion with a hint of everyday life. My videos are in Japanese and subtitled in English and French. I often would  write a blog post in a parallel but it really depends on the subject so if you want to follow the real time updates, just subscribe :)
このチャンネルに、ブログとともに、私なりに福岡を紹介したり、日常生活について話したいと思います。動画は全部日本語で(英語とフランス語字幕付き) 。新しい動画をアップするときにブログの記事も書こうと思いますが、内容次第なのでぜひチャンネルを登録してください♪

I have many ideas and have a set schedule for the next dozen videos. Needless to say, I'm super excited about this new activity ! Meanwhile, here are the result of my first try:
次の動画の内容がもうもに沢山があって、12つくらいはもう決まっています!とてもワクワクしています。 とりあえず初動画をどうぞ〜

Vlogs and I, it was not love at first sight, far from it. I have always had trouble getting interested in people doing videos :  it was not my thing. Before I left for Fukuoka,, I was looking for videos about Fukuoka city, I came across Micaela channel, a young Canadian living here. She was doing thematic videos of his life in Japan that were fun. Then I started to subscribe to some channels, mainly Japanese families like Rinozawa or Kougeisha (which I love and am still today).
福岡に来る前に、福岡テーマの動画を探したらミカエラさんのチャンネルを発見してちょっと興味を持てるようになりました。 そして、 Rinozawaさんや Kougeisha さんみたいな日本の家族チャンネルを登録して、よく見ていました(今でも見ています)。

Arriving at Fukuoka, I told myself that it would be fun if I also make little videos for the blog and I started to shoot some sequences. But I gave up after one visit.
When I was studying in Aso College Group, my teachers encouraged me to make videos, telling me that I could easily become the new Micaela, a French it would be nice etc ...
Okay, but being new someone was not sure what I wanted to do.
福岡に到着したら、私も動画を作りたいと思いましたが、 上手く出来なくて、すぐ辞めました(最初の動画を編集しなかった)。麻生専門学校で勉強していたときに先生に「動画撮ったらいい」とか「新しいミカエラさんになって」などと言われましたが、そんなに興味がなくて(やっぱり、新しい○○さんより、自分らしく居たら良いと思います)しませんでした。

A few months passed, I did a live chat with a French blogger in Japan and it ws like a revelation : maybe doing videos could be fun ?

Delving a bit on residents in Japan's Youtube channels , I found that there is a lot of videos about daily life and small Japanese things supposed to please foreigners but not so much are talking about their living place . So I decided to tackle this task and I started to think of a new and original way to promote Fukuoka in video. I searched and searched and searched for weeks and I am still looking for the original way. Then I found the sequences I shot in September 2012 and I found what I wanted to do: present Fukuoka in my own way.
 I then took the time to draw a story board and write a script (yes I do that seriously :)) before getting into shooting and ... here I am!

Making videos is also an exercise to get rid of my shyness, which has already melted since I got here , and especially to forget the opinion that other people could have on me. I am not confident in myself and I am absolutely not  comfortable with people's opinions. By creating a YouTube channel, I was afraid of two things: not friendly comments (different than constructive criticism) and having to justify myself if ever my work resembled another  blogger (which surely will happen, there are so many ... ) . You who are making videos, how do you handle this? If you have tips , experiences to share, it would be a great pleasure to read you.

Anyway, I am going to do the videos in my way, as I do here and I hope you will enjoy them.
Ganbarimasu ! (頑張ります : I will do my best)

Béné no Fukuoka - Ganbarimasu !


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